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Personalized Financial Planning Services

Combined with our strong commitment to service, a wide range of products available and proprietary financial planning programs, JFP can assist you like no other company in Southwest Missouri. Below are some ways we work to provide you with the service professionalism you deserve.

We Listen to You

James Financial Partners has built a reputation of creating financial security for businesses and individuals by looking at every situation with the individuality that it deserves. We can help any business or individual, regardless of industry sector or experience. The first step of our financial planning process is to listen to your goals, needs, and current programs.

We Evaluate Your Situation

After listening to your goals, JFP analyzes the information you provide to create useful and informative reports. By doing so, we can determine together what issues are a concern for you and/or your business. If needed, JFP can coordinate with your attorney, CPA, and other consultants to help ensure every aspect of your financial planning is carefully considered so that all of your financial advisors can be on the same page. JFP puts the pieces together to make it easier for you to see your financial goals and needs.

Visualize Your Investments

We help you visualize your investments by creating reports that allow you to see how your current situation compares to your financial planning goals and needs. For example, we can project retirement income, calculate survivor needs, and help with higher education expenses. Seeing your investments in motion gives you better direction when making important financial decisions in the years to follow.

Innovative Tools

JFP utilizes innovative tools to create each of the helpful reports. Combined with our wide range of financial planning products available and our unique programs, JFP will work with you like no other company in Southwest Missouri.